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Amy was my voice therapist both before and after a long-thought-out surgery for my vocal folds. I am a professional singer and I was getting by for a long time, straining and missing notes. Amy helped me get the most out of my voice and keep singing. I chose surgery and then saw Amy again for a series of singing rehab sessions to build back up to performing rock and jazz in front of hundreds on stage. I was really terrified I wouldn’t sing professionally again. So emotional! Amy helped me build up my stamina, range and courage to get back out there. I especially appreciated the connection we developed, as Amy sings too, and really understood how I was feeling.
— Kelly C, West Orange, NJ
We were so fortunate to find Amy to help our daughter with correct pronunciation of her vowel-controlled R’s. Amy made what can be a tedious process enjoyable and we quickly saw significant improvement. We could not have asked for more. We highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking one-on-one speech therapy. She is amazing!
— Linda R., Springfield, NJ
Where do I start? :)
Amy is fabulous, as a person and also as a therapist. She guided me along the way in treatments for my son but she also taught me what to do at home and made me feel comfortable doing them. Grayson smiles with Amy, she gets on the floor with him to play and he’s thriving because of her. I appreciate her patience with him and her guidance along the way. I would 100% refer Amy!
— Eva S., Millburn, NJ
Amy is fantastic! As a speech language pathologist myself, I knew that it was incredibly important to work with a voice specialist following the removal of my vocal cord polyp. After having disappointing experiences with two other voice therapists; I was given Amy’s name from a laryngologist in NYC. After meeting with Amy it was clear that she was a true expert in the field of vocal cord pathology and treatment. In a very short time my voice improved and I was able to get back to work!
— Elizabeth T., Summit, NJ
After different procedures and treatments for achalasia and aerophagia, that were not helpful, I was sent to Amy Cooper for speech/swallow therapy. From our first moment together, I felt that Amy was focused on trying to get to the bottom of my problem in a different way. She was determined and kind. Amy is compassionate about her job, she makes you feel at ease and comfortable and she always explained her actions to me. I gave permission for her to use my case in a medical presentation in order to get feedback from other doctors and therapists, and then she worked with me to make me more comfortable. I wish I could get to New Jersey more easily to keep working with Amy. I miss her.
— Ilse F., New York, NY
I have been working with Amy on some voice issues while recording an album- I came up to the studio to finish mixing the album but I had to do some harmonies and other background vocals on 1 song and completely redo a lead vocal track on another. When I did the lead track, I did 7 complete takes, one right after the other, without worrying. I knew I was ready. Each pass got better and felt easier and I owe it all to Amy. Thank you. I couldn’t have finished this without her help and will be forever grateful.
— Alan T., Lambertville, NJ